Welcome to the NEW Pelekinesis Book Club. We're offering discounts on select Pelekinesis titles for you to use in your book club. First up is Ultimate Resort by David Scott Ewers. Order more than three copies of the book to take advantage of this offer. We can arrange video chat discussions with authors, virtual roundtables with guided responses, and discussion topics. So please let us know how we can help get your group excited about reading some new books by some great Pelekinesis authors. And drop us a line after all is said and done to let us know what your group thought about the book. Happy Reading!

David Scott Ewers brings his mastery of the intricately woven tale to the Ultimate Resort, his second novel.
An artists community is planning something big for this year's gathering - something to put them back on the map. The sudden influx of capital piques the interest of a couple of investigators searching for the mysterious benefactors.
Thousands of miles away Avery Krizan and Aisha Sandoval recount their journey through Primera, their encounters with the local color, and what exactly led them to this place. Was it the search for a book? Wanderlust? Some sort of conspiracy? "Build you and the world will come" and in time all three things - the dream, the dream-come-true, and the memory - will merge.

David Scott Ewers was born in and raised in Pomona, California. He moved to San Francisco in 1989 and to Oakland in 2002, where he currently resides with his wife and daughter. He has been writing, making music and engaging in various marginal pursuits for decades.