Across the Street From the Ordinary

Don Skiles

Across The Street From The Ordinary is a collection of new short fiction,  following the work in two previous collections, Miss America and Other Stories (Marion Boyars), and Rain After Midnight (Pelekinesis).  These stories share innovative, different perspectives on narration, and the story-teller.  There is a wide, rich variety here - stories centered in the uniqueness of both urban and small town landscapes and characters - stories of setting out, travel, origins, legends. Discoveries.
And something borrowed from the haiku tradition, stories of the moment, the instant - the flash of recognition.

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Don Skiles is the author of three collections of short fiction: Miss America and Other Stories, The James Dean Jacket Story, and Rain After Midnight, and the novel Football.  His work has appeared in numerous publications, including Catamaran, Chicago Quarterly Review, Journal of Experimental Fiction, MungBeing, Over The Transom, Quaartsiluni, Your Golden Sun Still Shines (anth.), and ZYX.
His poetry appears in three books from Viking Dog Press/Conehenge Studios (with the work of the painter Claribel Cone):  18 Views of San Francisco, Sono Choushi! and Blue Rhapsody.