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Title: Wayfarers
Author: Katrinka Moore
Category: Poetry
Publication Date: January 23, 2018
Pages: 90
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-938349-74-4
Suggested Retail Price: $12.95

Claremont, CA – August 25, 2017 —Pelekinesis is pleased to announce the release of Wayfarers, a collection of poems from Katrinka Moore.

Nomadic outsiders wander in a mythological world subject to chance, good or bad fortune. A family crosses the American Southwest in the 1920s. And a home dweller explores the mystery of familiar places.

In these poems, tales told by multiple narrators, wayfarers move through a sparsely populated terrain, finding hardship, beauty, peril, the ineffable. Some are escaping events beyond their control, some choose to roam, and others stay in place, delving into the interior landscape.

Wayfarers by Katrinka Moore will be available January 23, 2018 through Small Press Distribution, Baker & Taylor, Bertrams, directly from the publisher's website, and in fine local bookstores worldwide.

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About the author

Katrinka Moore started out in dance and choreography, made a brief foray into performance art, then shifted to poetry, eventually bringing visual components into her work. She is the author of three previous books, Numa, Thief, and This is Not a Story, winner of the New Women’s Voices Prize. Moore grew up in rural Texas and now lives in New York.

About the publisher

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