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A fine art colouring book featuring an imaginative slant on Australian animals.

The Crazy Creatures Colouring Book by Liz Parkinson
Publication Date: December 1, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-938349-22-5
297mm x 210mm, 100 pages
Suggested Retail Price: $15.00

Liz loves drawing all the crazy creatures that live in the rainforest near her home, and enjoys inventing others. Wandering around wild-life parks gives her ideas, and she thinks that animals are definitely funnier than people!

Claremont, CA – September 21, 2014 – Pelekinesis is proud to announce the release of The Crazy Creatures Colouring Book, a fine art colouring book from artist Liz Parkinson, which features an imaginative slant on Australian animals. These wonderfully creative black and white drawings make perfect colouring pages for little hands and big hands alike.

The Crazy Creatures Colouring Book by Liz Parkinson will be released December 1st, 2014 by Pelekinesis and will be available through Small Press Distribution, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, and Bertrams, and directly from the publisher's website.

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About the author

Liz Parkinson is a self-taught artist from Australia who lives on the edge of a rainforest near the sea. It's a very, very nice place with a lovely mild climate. She does striking black ink drawings, with an emotive edge, and finds her images in her subconscious. Even in a nice place you can't escape your demons, and they have a habit of regularly cropping up in her work. She hasn't always been an artist, but initially graduated with a degree in Economics and subsequently taught for a while. However she later abandoned that (wisely!) and travelled everywhere. She has had careers in silversmithing and art, and her work has appeared in assorted outsider art exhibitions in Australia and elsewhere.

About the publisher

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