Other Places, Other Times

Robert Wexelblatt

Other Places, Other Times is a collection of twenty-six historical fictions. Thirteen of the stories are about Chen Hsi-wei, an imaginary peasant/poet of the Sui period, circa 600 C.E.
As a boy, Hsi-wei served the emperor on a perilous mission. He turned down the offer of material rewards in favor of an education which made him a poet. Hsi-wei travels the empire making straw sandals and verses. The narratives account for Hsi-wei’s poems, which are also included. The other thirteen stories are set in various times and locations, from post-war England to Renaissance Italy, Paris in the Fifties to post-war Germany, South America in the sixteenth century to Hesse in the mid-nineteenth, Ruthenia in the seventeenth, and the American West after the Civil War.

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Robert Wexelblatt is professor of humanities at Boston University’s College of General Studies. He has published eight fiction collections, Life in the Temperate Zone, The Decline of Our Neighborhood, The Artist Wears Rough Clothing, Heiberg’s Twitch, Petites Suites, Intuition of the News, Hsi-wei Tales, and The Thirteenth Studebaker; two books of essays, Professors at Play and The Posthumous Papers of Sidney Fein; two short novels, Losses and The Derangement of Jules Torquemal; three books of verse, Fifty Poems, Girl Asleep, and To See What I Have Seen, See What I See; essays, stories, and poems in a variety of scholarly and literary journals, and the novel Zublinka Among Women, awarded the Indie Book Awards first prize for fiction.