Mountain Lion Blues

Adam Greenfield

If the part of you that caused self-doubt had a face, would you recognize it? If your tendency to self-destruct had a name, would you know it? Told with humor, empathy and a driving narrative, Mountain Lion Blues is a surreal, dark comedy about the obstacles we place in our way that keep us from the love, success and well-being we've been taught since childhood are ours to expect. Part absurdist love story and part existential noir, Mountain Lion Blues speaks to the mountain lion-sized hole in all of us.

“Adam Greenfield's vivid and bitingly funny prose explores love, loss, and the impulse to self-destruct. Mountain Lion Blues is not only a fascinating story, it's also an ode to those of us with a wrecking ball swinging around inside of us--this book is unforgettable.” Chelsea Hodson, author of Tonight I'm Someone Else

Adam Greenfield was born and grew up in Los Angeles, which he sees as a blessing and a curse. The ocean has paralyzed him emotionally in many ways. In his waking life he works for a national social impact communications firm. He is married and has two daughters who like to bake and watch old movies with him. His kids are 16 and 13 and he recently read that as a parent about 80% of all the time you're ever going to spend with your children is before they're 12. He feels that that's a lot to reckon with. Mountain Lion Blues is his second novel.