100 Years of the Los Angeles County Fair, 25 Years of Stories

David Allen

100 Years of the Los Angeles County Fair, 25 Years of Stories contains virtually everything David Allen has penned about the fair from 1998 to 2021. Columns, feature stories, concert reviews, previews of the fair, short items, a blog post, even a news story about a lawsuit. It’s all here. This book takes the approach that the Los Angeles County Fair – via these stories of people, attractions, concert lineups, pricing, sights, sounds and smells – is worth documenting. Because even if nearly all of the particulars have come and gone, the last quarter-century of the fair is worth setting down in detail. You’ll find a lot of fun stories, some silliness, a few changes noted as they were happening, moments that may bring back memories, elegies for elements now lost. Also, a lot of jokes about foods on a stick.

David Allen, a native of Illinois, has worked in newspapers for three decades, all in California, his adopted home. His career began in 1987 at the Santa Rosa News Herald and continued at the Rohnert Park-Cotati Clarion, Petaluma Argus-Courier and Victorville Daily Press, some of which are still in business. In 1997 he joined the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, where he is a columnist writing about people, places, arts, government and other topics, including, as you may have guessed, the Los Angeles County Fair. His columns now appear as well in the San Bernardino Sun and Riverside Press-Enterprise as his reach expands to the entire Inland Empire. Find his work online, or impress your friends by buying an actual newspaper. A resident of Claremont, he is the author of three previous books, Pomona A to Z, Getting Started, and On Track, also from Pelekinesis.