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Stevie Ludich stumbles upon an isolated, word-covered dry lake bed in this cerebral and adventurous novel.

Petrichor by David Scott Ewers
Publication Date: August 1, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-938349-08-9
Library of Congress Control Number: 2012918764

"Petrichor" is a well-paced black comedy with hints of science fiction running through its interwoven storylines.

Upland, CA – February 1, 2013 – On August 1, 2013, Pelekinesis will release "Petrichor" by David Scott Ewers, a well-paced black comedy with a paranoiac dose of science fiction washed over with ruminations on identity, language and the composition of reality.

The novel begins when Stevie Ludich stumbles upon a dry lakebed covered in writing. As he dictates the words into an old reel-to-reel (for the police department, no less!), he can't help but wonder who wrote this, and why?

Stevie's friends are little help, more concerned with getting high than... well, than pretty much anything else. And Candy? She's got some decisions to make about her own future. Candy's brother, a police officer, doesn't like Stevie much. Not like the Sheriff. Sheriff Hill has something going on, something of biblical proportions. He's also the one who got Stevie to dictate the words into the tape machine.

The words! The words tell the story of this guy, David Edwards, who goes to a job interview with a weird corporation that knows WAY too much about the job candidates. And they use these gloves to connect to the computer, and these helmets that display the faces of other candidates. But they pay $1000 a day (a DAY!) which will help David get his act together. Maybe. Probably not.

Trying to get a different type of show together are Guy and Jeanne Valleroy. They have their hands full with the Communal Orgone Accumulator, the mummy of 'Ambrose Bierce?', and the impending arrival of some colorful guests. What excitement will their big event bring? And how will all of these things overlap?

Petrichor by David Scott Ewers will be available August 1st, 2013 from Pelekinesis, distributed by Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and Bertrams, and available online.

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About the author

David Scott Ewers was born in Pomona. He currently lives with his wife and daughter in Oakland. He has been to Cartago and recommends the biscuits and gravy.

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