Traveling the Twisting Troubling Tanglelows' Trail

Greg McGoon

Watch out for the tricky Tanglelows...
These rascally critters or creatures at play,
work quickly to find their mischievous way.

Take a journey inside your mind to untangle their twisting trail.

They exist in everyone's mind. The parts of us that twist and turn our thoughts into questions and doubts about ourselves. This is a guide through the messy thoughts we have from the day to day, showing us how to be kinder to ourselves and to others as we untangle their paths to a place of self-acceptance and understanding.

Greg McGoon brings us another insightful children's book that explores the inner-workings of children's emotions. With vibrant full-color illustrations by Jessa Orr and Greg McGoon's quirky rhymes, The Tanglelows is sure to open up wonderful conversations and meaningful explorations for years to come.

“This book is truly a gift to our day... The Tanglelows are perfect in word and illustration for young minds to grasp, as well as adults.” Darleen Wohlfeil, Story Monsters Ink

“A gem of a book... to help kids navigate emotions. Rhyme helps build memory, teaches how language works, and increases word recognition by pairing advanced and familiar words. But Greg goes further. He uses playful rhymes and imagery to help children express the complexity of their various feelings.” Louise Kuo Habakus, Fearless Parent

“This book was written from the heart based on personal experiences. It is relevant to teaching psychological concepts as cognitive restructuring. It provides an avenue for youth through adults to conceptually understand, through the engaging rhymes and images of The Tanglelows, the impact negative thoughts have on well-being. The Tanglelows provide representation of the various thoughts that abound and begins to explain how thoughts affect emotions, core tenets of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Not only is this book a great family read as the story line applies to all and it stimulates rich discussion, but it's also a useful tool for psychologists to use in treatment as well.” Dr. Mary Baker-Ericzén, the Director and Psychologist, Intricate Mind Institute / Child and Adolescent Services Research Center

Having grown up in a candy store, actor and author Greg McGoon has ways of finding the sweet side of life. His creative storytelling for children evolved while teaching at the Claremont School of Theatre Arts. As Founder/Executive Director of Artcentricity, Inc., a non-profit educational creative arts environment, he has been able to focus further on child development. His books explore children's feelings about themselves and the world around them, which is a wonderful place indeed!