A Foreword Reviews' 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards Finalist

“There's a point at which imagination and memory are pretty much indistinguishable. The further into the past you trace, the more they commingle and become fused. The future, though, is strangely clear, a thing of imagination only. A dimension of a single quality unfelt. The difference between the expectation of the needle and the wound of the puncture.”

Lita faces her future with trepidation. Her brother lies unconscious in the hospital following a brutal attack, her ex-girlfriend has cut off all meaningful communication with her, and now her daughter has gone missing in the middle of an ice storm. The town has pulled together to help find the child but will they be as supportive of Lita's brother when the truth behind his assault comes out? What does Lita's new friend want with her? Will Lita's ex be able to overcome her pain and frustration and move on? Will anyone be able to put the past into context and accept the way things are, the way things will be?

Ian Donnell Arbuckle's Fingerless is a compelling novel featuring an engaging transgender protagonist. This dramatic story examines the frustration and confusion in her life and also offers an insightful and compassionate exploration of gender, relationships, family, and friendship.

“The latest from Arbuckle (Stumble Down the Mountainside) is a novel of disfigurement and refigurement...Much of the plot centers on the disappearance of Lita's daughter, Jilly, which occurs during an ice storm. Lita, a transgender lesbian living in a small town, has sacrificed a great deal, including her chance at renewing her romance with her former girlfriend, Shasta, and her relationship with her daughter in order to be honest about who she is. The book includes strong writing throughout...a worthy overall effort.” Publishers Weekly

Fingerless expresses the angst that the gender-switching heroine feels as self- destructive thoughts mingle with moments of simple happiness. Arbuckle paints Lita's story in muted hues; few conclusions are drawn. Intense and serious throughout, with only a few moments of genuine humor, the book expresses the angst that Lita feels, the self-destructive thoughts that mingle with moments of simple happiness.
There are no tidy bows that can dress up Lita's situation, and the author wisely doesn't attempt to do so.
Fingerless succeeds in examining the subject of gender transformation on a personal level, rather than as a set of sociological talking points. It may be appreciated by someone who has faced a comparable challenge, or who has loved someone in Lita's situation.”
Foreword Reviews

Ian Donnell Arbuckle has been writing and publishing for a few years, now. His stories have appeared in the magazines MungBeing, Open Wide, Full-Unit Hookup, Rage Machine, and Bewildering Stories, among others. Fingerless is his third novel and isn't much like the others. He lives with his wife and son in Richland, Washington.