Crossed Paths documents and explores a slice of the underground art and music scene in the Pomona Valley of California, beginning in the early 1980s and moving into the 21st Century with a particular focus on The Desperation Squad. Highlights include stories from The Warped Tour, America's Got Talent, and lead singer Kevin Ausmus's run for mayor of Pomona (the "Rock and Roll Mayor").

The art show "Crossed Paths: Desperation Squad and the Age of Fortuitism" presented at the Space Gallery in Pomona, May 9, 2015. It was a landmark event featuring flyers, posters, photographs, videos, handwritten lyric sheets, and plenty of legendary tales from Desperation Squad's storied career.

Kevin Ausmus is the lead singer of Desperation Squad. He is a writer and performer whose work has appeared in the Pasadena Weekly, the Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, Q, Zinc, Civil Eyes, Digress and Mean Street. Kevin was a mayoral candidate for the city of Pomona, California in 1993 and continues to advocate for change while he creates art and music in and around the Pomona Valley.