How to Behave

L.M. Rainer

These essays will provide you with the wisdom of the ages - the insights of Wilde, Austen, Milton, Shakespeare, Cavavfy, both Brontës and all the ancient Greeks. You will know how to dress, talk, organize, decorate and comport yourself in every possible situation, especially in cafés. Oh yes, this book will help you appear worldlier and more mysterious with many important facts you can drop into casual conversations and work meetings. Just carrying it will improve your posture, and see how well it coordinates with your outfit! You look smarter already.

L. M. Rainer is perfectly charming and always well behaved. These essays started as a way to pass on her extensive knowledge to her dearest niece, Esmeralda, but the writing rather got away from her and suddenly there were essays a go-go on every possible subject. Think of her as the Auntie Mame you never had, with a touch of Zena the Warrior Princess, Scout, Mary Queen of Scots and Miss Piggy. More information can be found at