Unfortunately, Thanks for Everything

T. Anders Carson

Unfortunately, Thanks for Everything is a collection of poems which follow the bicycle paths, travels, and familial challenges that have shaped the poet. Carson’s style of conveying the banal into fortitude, mini vignettes into insightful shortcomings and the brazen writing of one who is not afraid. It is a testimony to the will and strength of daily challenges that he sees when facing the mirror. These poems reflect the risk of exposing not only his autumnal trust in mankind but also the stratospheric darkness that befits those who have been exposed to suicide and orphaned young. His work does not shy away from head on hits. The blows are explosive and barren. He ventures into the mined fields working his magic words and finding that 3:00 am solace that carries until the dawn. He is a firm believer on the sun rising on us all.

“T. Anders Carson takes us away to places of the heart and head, helping us look outside ourselves with vivid imagery inspired by personal reflections that connect with the mystery of everyday life.” Paul Dewar, former Member of Parliament in Ottawa

“I think that T. Anders Carson must have learned early on that the way through serious pain is love. It is the only way. There is pain here and a lot of it. This is a man dealing with early childhood abuse, isolation from those he loves, the realization that his son has grown to fear him, the knowledge of his own death and alcoholism. All of that is here, but what comes through to me reading this is that love. He has found it and uses it and refuses to let it go. It is a heroic kind of love. It is the kind that makes life bearable for him and those of us lucky enough to get to know him through his poetry.” John Brantingham, Poet Laureate of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

“T. Anders Carson’s work is succinct, succulent and surprising. He writes like he chops wood out in the Canadian bush: efficiently paring poetry down to its essence. Whether he’s writing about delivering mail by bicycle, or contemplating his Jerusalem’s pilgrimage, Carson’s nomadic spirit cuts poetry to its heartwood.” Matthew Firth, author of Suburban Pornography and Other Stories

“There is a truth telling, a simple honesty in the poetry of T. Anders Carson. “It is the power of humans/ touching/ that makes days just glimmer.” One wants to curl up in a warm place and read....and read.” Terry Ann Carter, author of TOKAIDO (Red Moon Press, 2018) Touchstone Distinguished Book Award, past president of Haiku Canada

T. Anders Carson has had his poems published in 37 countries including translations into French, Greek, Japanese and Swedish.  He has written 4 books of poetry. He is a Helene Wurlitzer Foundation Fellow.  He is a full member of the League of Canadian Poets.  He has read his work from Los Angeles to London including stops in Cairo, Paris, Stockholm and Swansea. He worked for Postnord in Copenhagen, Denmark delivering mail and parcels on a bicycle.  He is a former Municipal Councilor, a Postmaster for Canada Post and both a badminton and soccer coach. He currently resides on the outskirts of a rural village in Ontario, Canada.  He lives with his wife and a cat.