The Feral Boy who lives in Griffith Park: Extended Second Edition

Tim Kirk

Tim Kirk writes and edits a collection of stories set in a world where “The Feral Boy who lives in Griffith Park” exists. The largest urban park in the nation, dwarfing New York's Central Park by five to one, is the fertile ground where new myths and legends grow. A murderous Western Swing guitarist, a golf caddie turned tabloid writer, a pair of tweakers at their first parent support group, a suicidal father taking his last hike, and other stories span the decades of life in Los Angeles.

This expanded second edition features new stories from Annette Zilinskas, Matt Oswalt, and Hadley Meares as well as original stories by Rob Zabrecky, Steve Newman, Josh Lawson, Tim Davis, Patrick Cooper, David Carpenter. And two new stories by Tim Kirk.

“I've always thought of Griffith Park as L.A.'s Transylvania. Sure during the day - especially on a Sunday when everyone is barbequing (sic), listening to the congas or making love behind the old zoo - it's a carnival. But for many years I ran its hills late at night, under full moons and in fogs, sometimes accompanied by an owl and coyote, and believe me, another world lives there. The Wild Boy is real and you will relish these Borges-like gems of story-telling.” Mike Davis, author of City of Quartz

“I loved reading this weird and wonderful anthology. The stories are so beautifully written; I felt a visceral reaction to so much of the imagery. If you grew up in Greater Los Angeles, you will get this so hard. If you didn’t, this book will make you feel like you did.” Jane Wiedlin, The Go-Go’s

Tim Kirk is a writer and filmmaker living two miles from Griffith Park. He is the author of the multi-generational Western novel, Burnt. His films include Sex Madness Revealed, Director's Commentary: Terror of Frankenstein, and Bewitched. He has produced Room 237, The Nightmare, And With Him Came The West and episodes of Tom Explores Los Angeles.